User Reviews will be King


Online reviews are one of the most crucial factors that affect business sales. Reviews or feedback provide the business with crucial insights into every part of the company. It bridges the gap between the traditional word-of-mouth response and feedback forms that influence a customer’s opinion. 


According to statistics, approximately 90% of the customers read online reviews before visiting any business and 72% of the customers will take action only after reading a positive review. Reviews posted by previous customers have the same weightage as personal recommendations provided by family or friends. 

Some businesses have already started responding to valuable feedback given by customers, but let’s take a step back and analyze the importance of customer reviews.

The consumer is the king. You may know your product inside out, but understanding the needs of your consumers and constantly evolving to meet their needs and wants is what makes your product successful. Customer feedback gives the seller insight into the product’s imperfections that the seller does not see. Providing the closest product to their expectation is the key.

Asking your customers for feedback makes them feel that their viewpoint is valued. Being heard by the seller helps the customer develop a positive overtone for your brand that builds loyalty and enhances customer retention.

A positive online review for any product has the same value as a personal suggestion by a family member or friend. Visitors tend to read, analyze, and trust the reviews and opinions provided by previous customers more than the product description by the company or seller which highly influences their motive.

Online reviews are the best and most freely available method of advertising your product to your target audience. Customers have a sharp eye for positive reviews and a bunch of them can turn potential customers into actual buyers. It is one of the best ways to increase your sales without any added cost.

Reviews on the product encourage other customers to also leave their feedback and suggestions. An appreciation or acknowledgment of the customer’s feedback gives new customers the confidence and assurance of being heard and valued.

Online reviews stay on your page and act as a virtual image for your brand. The longer you wait to encourage them, the faster you lose their loyalty. Reviews are significant to a large customer base and are also responsible for securing online visibility in search rankings.

On the other hand, every seller or company needs to deal with negative reviews accurately. In the customer’s opinion, a negative review can adversely affect your business and drive your customers away. One of the ways to deal with these negative reviews is responding quickly, using the right vocabulary, and being as polite as possible. Showing them that you care and value their opinion may result in them giving you a second chance. Taking the matter offline can also make a difference. Take your time to ponder upon the situation and ask them to get in touch with you at their convenience. 


Online reviews are conceivably the most powerful tool for any business. They not only have the power to influence buying decisions, but also strengthen a brand’s credibility and overall impression in the customer’s eyes. You can try out several such engagement and review strategies to grow as a company that delivers true value to its customers.

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