Significance of Feedback


Feedback is an outcome of performance, and it is key in communication since it informs both the communicator and the receiver of how their message is being understood.

“There’s nothing more attractive than someone with a passion for something, who looks at things positively and is always seeking to better themselves.” — Unknown

Feedback Helps in Enhancing Individual Efficiency

It brings about optimal productivity & utilization of available resources of human, physical equipment & finance. It minimizes wastage and cost in the long run. Feedback improves the quality of decision-making and synergies through a collaborative approach while carrying out tasks in a team.

Afraid of going off-track?

We understand that this is a difficult situation to be in, here is where feedback comes into play. A different perspective can always give you some direction. It’s all right if you do not follow it but giving it sufficient consideration can help you see it from another angle. Feedback also aids in providing a clear career roadmap of growth opportunities. Frequent interactions are important.

Components of Feedback

Appreciation and acknowledgment of work done are crucial. As any working individual, we must highlight areas of improvement and provide pragmatic methods to implement feedback.

Nature of feedback

We forget that the people we work with are humans, too. Criticism as part of feedback must be encouraged. Feedback must be constructive as it leaves room for improvement. It must be solution oriented instead of being problem oriented. It goes without saying that honest and sincere feedback is essential.

Who gives and receives feedback?

(A) Vertical

(i) Upper-level management (Team Leader) to Lower level management

(ii) Lower level management (Employees) to Upper-level management


Importance of Psychological Safety in such types of feedback –
Psychological safety refers to such an environment in which employees can freely voice their opinions without having the fear of being reprimanded, condemned for speaking up.

A robust feedback mechanism needs to be in place for keeping the employees’ morale raised. It increases the trust of the employees reposed in their higher-ups and the organization at large – employee relations & employee experience do matter.


(B) Horizontal

Feedback from our own colleagues (Those at the same level in the organizational hierarchy)


(C) Parallel/Cross-functional

Feedback from employees of other departments (Presumption here: There’s interdependence between every department in an organization – receiving or giving feedback to the other department may be done with a view to enhancing the pace or productivity of either the giver of feedback or both the giver and receiver)

Interlinkages between awareness-choices-results

In line with the 3-step success formula propounded by Robin Sharma in his book, ‘The 5 AM Club,’ we can thus infer that feedback enhances awareness and builds up acumen which will in turn help in making better, well-thought-out choices which would eventually lead to the delivery of better results and increased value-addition.

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