Maintaining Work-Life Balance


As a startup owner, it becomes very important for you and your team to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Working at a startup can be very intense and stressful especially at an early stage. There is a lot to get done and a lot of pressure to meet the deadlines that help the company grow; and in this scenario, the concept of being ‘always on the job’ will not help one maintain their work-life balance. In this case, as difficult as it may seem, it becomes vital for entrepreneurs to look for fresh ideas, indulge in creative thinking, and also stay motivated.

In a typical startup environment, the work tends to seep into the lives of the employees. While the employees may devote their time towards the startup they truly believe in, the constant workload and long working hours may decrease productivity and eventually lead to a breakdown. 

To ensure that the best of every employee’s capability is delivered, the team can use the following tips that might help strike a balance between their personal and professional lives

Time Management is the key



Time is the most challenging factor for every entrepreneur. Since you have a lot to do in a restricted time period, prioritizing and scheduling your tasks is the best way to overcome it. One way to achieve this is by categorizing your tasks by enlisting them from top priority to the least. As a result, the tasks will be completed with greater ease and with full focus.

Leave work at work.

Even if you have to work extra hours, avoid bringing your work at home. A firm can also make sure that a “no work on weekends” rule is followed. Cutting off from work will allow you to focus on yourself and relieve your stress. Give your mind a chance to disconnect and relax completely which will, in turn,  increase productivity. Even if you decide to work from home, make sure that you work in a relaxing and comforting environment and that, that ‘sometimes’ does not happen every day.

Make time for your family.



Spending quality time with your family will always relieve your stress, boost positivity, and will make you feel happy – which is very important in a startup environment. Catch up with your family over lunch or dinner and try to do this daily for a healthy bond with your family.

Family time

“Me Time” is essential.

Giving time to yourself is also equally necessary in this fast-paced world. A weekend getaway or meditation or simply reading your favorite book with a cup of tea or coffee will give you time for self-reflection, goal setting and will also help in improving your mental health.

Make work fun.

make work fun



Doing what you love will automatically make work fun and also enhance productivity. Along with this, keeping a happy spirit alive at work will undeniably build your relationship with your employees and will also help them remain engaged with the work assigned to them. Such employees are less likely to switch their jobs. 

Communication is the key.

A flourished start-up needs the team members to communicate with each other regularly. The simplest task can be hampered if the brief is not correctly delivered and understood by the employees. Discussing how the desired results can be achieved and letting others know where you are struggling will keep everyone updated and on the same page.

Keep a positive mind.


Keeping an optimistic and determined mindset while facing entrepreneurial difficulties can be a task but a positive mindset will get you through it. It will enable you to look at the positive side of the situation, which helps you set goals accordingly – and in turn, in achieving them.

positive mindset

Play to your strengths.

It is better to outsource or hire professional team members for the things you aren’t good at, rather than wasting time. Focus on your strengths.

Know your peaks and troughs

strenght and weaknesses



It is important to figure out the best time for you to work. If you are a morning person, set tasks that are on priority and that need full concentration during that time of the day and allot the ones on lesser priority for the night – and vice versa for those who are nocturnal by habit.

Be realistic (self-analysis).

At the end of the day, spare some time for self-analysis. Ask yourself what tasks are completed, what worked out today and what didn’t, what tasks could have been done in a better way, and make a note of it. Make a habit of charting your progress at several levels. This learning process will help you achieve better results in comparison to your competitors. Ask your peers and start-up friends to guide you and help you out.

It is essential to understand that work-life balance will mean differently to different people and that we all have different lifestyles and commitments. This work-life balance is a very personal choice and only an individual can decide the lifestyle that suits them best.

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