Hopping onto the Business Bus?


Here’s what obstacles you may face and how you can overcome them!
Every business, mostly in the initial phase, faces issues. What matters is, how they overcome them.
Take a look at the following –

Problem: Finding New Clients

This is the toughest – as sometimes, you don’t know where to start looking. It requires certain expertise and let’s be honest, it is time-consuming if you’re clueless.

How to Overcome it:

If it’s a B2B business then network and keep meeting new people. If it’s B2C, keep sharing information about why and what sets your business apart. Don’t be afraid to ask questions (even if you think it’s silly!). It is okay to incur small losses as long as you learned something out of it. Remember that, with constant efforts you will land a new client!

Problem: Productivity

It is difficult to track every member’s level of productivity. Sometimes there’s miscommunication or lack of responsibility.

Quick Fix:

Explore different apps and see what works best for the team. By giving yourself a deadline before the actual deadline gives you more time to complete the task – and that makes you responsible too!

Problem: Making Everything Work-Related

Most businesses want their employees to work ALL the time! As a result, they burn out quickly and become grumpy adults. (Haha, joking! Or am I?)

How to Resolve it:

Keep it light and have some fun. Go out with the team and get to know each other. Keeping it only work-related makes the environment quite monotonous.

One must understand that progress is not linear, so enjoy the process! Have faith and be consistent.

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