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Working with The Wolf Corp allows you to explore the roles you’re interested in apart from the ones you’re good at. For example, you’re a Graphic Designer and want to try Web Development, you are welcome to polish those skills under someone who is experienced in it.

We would like our team to know a little of each field as it would open more opportunities for them in the future.

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    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is essential for any business. The strategies involved require enough research as well as a creative mind. If you are someone who is fascinated about Digital Marketing and don’t know where to start, intern with The Wolf Corp and get a better idea!

    Graphic Designing

     Can you tell the difference between navy blue and cobalt blue? Do you know the various software required for marketing and branding? Do you consider yourself as someone who has artistic imagination and intelligence? If your answer is yes, we’re looking for you!

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