EXERCISE: Letter From Your Future Self

You are now starting an exercise in which we need you to imagine that you will receive a letter from your FUTURE SELF.
The below set of instructions will guide you to complete the pre-work
  1. Choose a specific date in the future – 1 week, 1 Month, 6 Months later, 1 year later, 5 years later, 10 years later, etc. Pick a date that’s comfortable for you to imagine yourself in the future. This is the date of your FUTURE SELF who is writing a letter
    to you in this exercise.

  2. Time has now passed; it is now the specific date you have chosen in the future & you have grown & evolved into your FUTURE SELF. Please imagine that you are now living an ideal life – leading a very healthy, fulfilled & happy life and coping easily with all your everyday challenges.

  3. When you are writing this letter, please do not get stuck in whether something is realistically possible or achievable. Without thinking too deeply, please just imagine that you have achieved your ideal life!

  4. Imagine that all the challenges that you’re currently facing is all solved and now please think and write down about all the different ways in which you overcame the challenges to get here and that were useful.

  5. Also please imagine this future daily life in as specific detail as possible. WHERE are you living & HOW are spending your time everyday? WHO are all the people you are spending time with everyday? HOW do you feel everyday? WHAT are you thinking about your past and your future? WHAT kind of thought patterns are you having

Please now proceed to the next step to complete the exercise

STEP 1: Please now Write the Letter from your Future Self (Please feel free to handwrite, use colors/pictures/etc & express
yourself freely)

Date: …./…./20…..






STEP 2: After you finish the letter, put down the pen and take a few deep breaths. Try to forget and distance and distract yourself from the letter

STEP 3: When you feel you’re back to the reality of your current self, please read the letter from your future self.

STEP 4: Please write-down & describe your strongest feelings & thoughts below after reading the letter. How do you feel? What are you now thinking?

Please share your thoughts and feelings that you wrote after reading the letter with your group. There’s no need to share the contents of your letter.

Based on the Group Breakout Exercise that you just completed, Please write-down & describe your latest feelings & thoughts below about what shifts you would like to make in your own life starting tomorrow